The History of Premier IFM Pte Ltd
A Member of Premier Six Group


Premier IFM Pte Ltd was formed to Align & Streamline the Core Business, Competencies and Resources as part of Premier Six Group’s Expansion Plans.


  • Premier Techlink Pte Ltd renamed to Premier IFM Pte Ltd
  • Obtaining Wartsila OEM approval for 140 in progress


  • Appointed Opt-Max Japan Representative
  • Appointed agent of Maersk grease
  • Obtained Opt-Max® Trademarks
  • Obtained patent for Cylinder Oil Additives package formulation


  • Appointed Opt-Max Burundi Representative
  • Established Opt-Max Global Pte Ltd
  • Appointed agent of Maersk SEA-Mate® equipment
  • Obtained Wartsila OEM approvals for Cylinder & System oil
  • Obtained Wartsila OEM approvals for BOB Additives


  • Established Opt-Max® Brand
  • Established Opt-Max (Shanghai) Energy & Technology Co., Ltd


  • Appointed as Overseas Representative of International Oil Major
  • Petroleum Trading
  • Established PremierTechlink Pte Ltd
  • Manufacturing of Pulse Air Mixing System
  • Design & Build Industrial Automation
  • Design & Build Lube Oil Blending Plan


  • Established Premier Six Pte Ltd
  • Manufacturing and Sales of Filling & Packaging Machines
  • Design & Build Industrial Automation
  • Design & Build Lube Oil Blending Plants
  • Operated Caltex Petrol Kiosk
  • Owned Car Workshop Service Station
  • Appointed as Mobil & Caltex Lubricating Oil (Singapore) Dealer
  • Appointed as Rox (France) Car-care Product Sole Agent

Petroleum & Lubricants

Sales & Marketing, Research & Development and Manufacturing of Opt-Max® lubricants and additives (Marine, Automotive, Industrial and Specialty); Base Oil Trading; Petroleum Trading and etc.


Engineering Services

Turnkey Projects, Design & Build, Automation Processing, System Integrations for Lubricant Industry, Fish Processing and other various industries.

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