Cat 3 sterilized cleaning cloth has strong absorption for cleaningCat 3 sterilized cleaning cloth has strong absorption for cleaning

WIPE OFF Cleaning Cloth – Cat 3 (Original Cotton + Recycled Knitted Cotton)

Sterilized Industrial Cleaning Cloth


At a Glance

Wipe Off is a sterilized industrial cleaning cloth ideal to clean or wipe off grease, grime, dirt, liquid and oil.

Features and Benefits

  • Anti-static – Prevents sparks and explosion; prevents damage to electrical components
  • Lint free – Does not shed hair-like fibers
  • Excellent Absorbency -Strong absorption
  • Sterilized – Unsterilized cotton may carry pathogenic bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Dust free – Does not leave any dust or dirt particles behind


  • Dust cleaning
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Industrial oil removal
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Oil tanker cleaning
  • Marine engineering cleaning
  • Depot cleaning
  • Machine Cleaning
  • Grease general workshop cleaning


  • Automotive
  • Transport & logistics
  • Heavy equipment
  • Automation

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There may be several factors that affects the effectiveness of anti-static cotton which is dependent on its external environment that includes temperature, moisture and density of material required. The effectiveness of sterillisation varies on the external environment, temperature, usage and storage of the product. A lint free cloth is a special type of cleaning cloth that does not give up any fluff when used but are subject to the cleaning surface, material, usage, and temperature.

Additional information


Original Cotton + Recycled Knitted Cotton

Material composition

70% – 95% cotton;
5% – 30% synthetic fabric


Upper and lower layers: new white cotton material; Middle layer: disinfected and recycled knitted cotton fabric

Product size

254mm x 228.6mm (+/-10mm)


20kg per pack: Approx. 80pcs in 2 x 10kg bags (subject to type and thickness of fabric)